Chicago Cubs 2019 Season

It was ugly, but it was just one series. I don’t think Strop, Montgomery and Edwards are going to end the season with a combined 54.00 ERA.

I’m far more concerned about Darvish. He’s only started 9 games and has only managed 3 Quality Starts in those 9 games.

I know he’s not the same pitcher since the TJS, but he was 19/31 in 2017 and 11/17 in 2016, but now he’s turned into Edwin Jackson. The guy needs to start getting the ball over the plate and eating some innings.
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This was a scary over/under scenario my brother (also a Cub fan) approached me with about Darvish yesterday. Total wins by Yu Darvish as a Cub when its all said and done--he chose twenty as the over/under point. I would guess under if I had to at this point.
I know it's very, very early but this just doesn't feel right. Already four games out, imagine if they were to be swept by the Brewers this weekend.
Trends are being set right now, but it doesn't mean they can't be reversed. This teams has over 97% of the season left.

The bullpen is not this bad. The starting pitching is not this bad. Baseball is not a sport for those who like knee jerk reactions. This team could easily have it's record reversed at this point.
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45 walks in 49.1 innings pitched as a team.

That’s inexplicable.

That’s 8.2 walks/9 innings.

MLB average entering tonight was 3.6. It was 3.2 over the course of the 2018 season, and has been in the 2.9 - 3.3 range every year over the last 5.

I mean, how? The whole freaking team!
It'll get better, the question is how much. Unrealistic to believe everyone's gonna bounce back, but regression to the mean for most of the pitching staff will probably happen. Most concerning to me is still Yu.
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I know it’s a long season. But dang guys, we are in a bad spot with a real possibility to be 1-9.

Is someone gonna get canned for this start? Especially if they can’t get walks/pitching in general under control?