Chicago Cubs 2019 Season

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Over the last 35 full seasons there have been 68 teams to start 1-6 or worse. Of those 68, 12 finished above .500 and only 3 made the playoffs. Cubs are 1-5 heading into tonight. (@ESPNStatsInfo)

so essentially, wait until next year and we’re a week into the season.
Exactly. I’ve never seen a healthy pitching staff full of veterans completely collapse like this.
Three pitching coaches in three years I'm sure hasn't helped. Darvish, Chatwood, and Edwards being bad shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Who knows what Hamels will provide this season. Hendricks you would expect to be solid. Lester you hope can keep pitching well but has a lot of mileage on his arm. Quintana was a horrible trade. Epstein gave up more for him than the Red Sox gave up for Sale and a year and a half in he is your fifth starter coming out of Spring training. Montgomery being so bad is a head-scratcher. They really aren't developing pitching or position players through their system. The signs have been there.
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Nice to get a win but come on, another six runs given up by relievers in three innings. This isn't sustainable.
It’s not sustainable in two respects.

It’s not sustainable in that the Cubs won’t win many games if the bullpen keeps doing that.

It’s not sustainable in that it will be literally impossible for the bullpen to continue to post an 11.47 ERA. It will get better just by bringing in AA kids and free agents off the street. Maybe it will only be a 6.00 ERA and not a 3.00 ERA, but that would still be far better than what we’ve seen thus far.
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Whew boy. Why do I keep thinking of last years early season struggles and hearing people say the early games don't really matter that much. And they did.

Yes there is plenty of time, but I really don't want to play that game again. They need to figure things out fast. The brewers are for real.
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The offense has scored 10+ runs in 5 of their 10 games. They only have won 3 of those 5. :cautious:
If there’s a bright side to this disaster of a start to the season, it’s that Jason Heyward looks like a completely different player at the plate. This is his longest stretch of quality hitting since he became a Cub.
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