Chicago Cubs 2019 Season

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Cardinals have the pitching advantage today

Should be fun!
sure about that ?

It was fun if you were wearing blue !

Baseball is a funny game. All the stats and numbers can be tossed out the window when its arch rivalries.
I don't dare predict. I expect Darvish to stink tomorrow, but who knows. Maybe throwing strikes is contagious. If I were a Cardinal batter in the first three innings, I would be taking LOTS of pitches. Make Yu groove his fastball. Lets see how it turns out .
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It amazes me, given what he’s done over the first five years of his career, that people still doubt Hendricks.

Dude’s an assassin.
Missed the game but it sounds like he mixed in his curve ball, which IMO is quite underrated. Don’t need rules to speed up the game when the pitching is good.
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They were both horrendous last year. Darvish has clearly superior stuff. They both hand out waaaaay too many walks but you can't tell me Chatwood is the better pitcher. Not now. Not ever.
I agree with you up until the bolded. Darvish is worse than a 5th starter right now (maybe a little hyperbole there, but I don't think an overtly gross amount without combing through stats - hot take alert), he looks like a back of the rotation guy on a non-contending team. Chatwood has at least looked like a back of the rotation guy for a team with playoff aspirations this year.

Obviously way smaller sample size, but that's why I want to see more of Chatwood at this point. Darvish seems to be broken mentally or physically or somewhere in between. Why not see what Chatwood can do this year. They signed him as a starting pitcher, might as well try to see if he is one.
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Im convinced its all in Darvish's head. I think Joe is too. One of these days its gonna click. Trouble is , it might be 120 more days . or 240 ;(
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You got your wish last night. It wasn't pretty.
to be fair, Carpenter should have been called out on strikes but the ump blew the call and squeezed him. The next guy ended up grounding out so he should have been out of the inning with no damage. But yeah, your greater point stands; I'd rather see Yu than Chatwood.
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Addison Russell being called up tonight.
I’m rather indifferent about this .

On one hand I believe most people , save the very worst & hardened criminals , deserve a chance to redeem themselves and get a second chance . MLB and the Cubs are probably doing the right thing and we need to accept that & get over it . Doesn’t mean you have to like it , but if he truly is doing what he needs to do, then I’m all for him getting what is probably his last chance

They don’t get unlimited chances tho, and I don’t think this was his first incident . What he did can not be taken lightly , and other guys need to learn from his mistakes . There might not be a second or third chance for guys 1-2-3 years from now . It’s serious stuff .