Chicago Cubs 2019 Season

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Total Click Bait. Theo merely said that nobody on the roster is untouchable.
He also said that teams are looking to add Kris Bryant types, not subtract them. Including the Cubs. Although, I think with his agent being who he is and the issues he had with when Bryant was brought up, it adds a bit of fuel to the clickbait fire.
No bat/decent fielding MI in and no field/decent bat MI out. Made in anticipation of cutting Russell loose? Need someone who can back up Baez at SS?
Either way they need someone who can play SS if needed for April next year so I’m not sure it’s too telling. I still think they keep Russell.
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We will see in a few hours.

Personally, I hope he never puts on a Cub uniform again.
I think he’ll be tendered, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be on the team again.
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No bat/decent fielding MI in and no field/decent bat MI out. Made in anticipation of cutting Russell loose? Need someone who can back up Baez at SS?
Need a backup SS. And the guy they just picked up is a decent bat.

EDIT - The 26-year-old was a valuable utility infielder for the Yankees, racking up 1.5 WAR while appearing in 221 games over the last three seasons, hitting .281/.310/.375 (.685 OPS) in 615 plate appearances. He doesn't have much power and doesn't walk much, but he also rarely strikes out and can play second base, third base and shortstop.
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Russell is one of the best defensive SS's in the game, better than Baez (defensively at SS alone), probably top 3 in the league. He's not Mendoza line bad, and giving up offense at the SS position is something I don't mind (arguably the most difficult defensive position), but his power has to tick upward for a contender. At this point, I think his ceiling is about .250 and 20ish HR, which is obviously more than acceptable if he keeps his defense up.

I believe in allowing the whole truth to come out before fully judging a player. That being said, there are facts out there that clearly show tendencies to not be a model human being, and being in the spotlight of the MLB, you have to at least appear clean. I don't want him back, regardless of how good a player he is.
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I'd rather have Augie Ojeda come out of retirement and play SS over Russell.

The overall story is more than Cubbies but it is interesting.

World Series winners rarely go all in on one player
Share of payroll that went to the top paid player on World Series winning teams, since 2000

2018    Red Sox               $233.8m      D. Price                       $30.0m    %12.8
2017    Astros                    124.3         C. Beltran                       16.0          12.9
2016    Cubs                      171.6        J. Lester                          25.0          14.6
2015    Royals                    112.9        A. Gordon                       14.0          12.4
2014    Giants                    149.1        M. Cain                            20.8         14.0
2013    Red Sox                154.6         J. Lackey                         16.0         10.3
2012    Giants                    131.4        B. Zito                              19.0         14.5
2011    Cardinals                109.0       M. Holliday                       17.0         15.6
2010    Giants                      96.3        B. Zito                              18.5         19.2
2009    Yankees                 201.4        A. Rodriguez                    33.0        16.4
2008    Phillies                     98.3        P. Burrell                          14.3         14.5
2007    Red Sox                 143.0       M. Ramirez                      17.0          11.9
2006    Cardinals                  88.9       A. Pujols                          14.0          15.8
2005    White Sox                 75.2       P. Konerko                         8.8          11.6
2004    Red Sox                  127.3      M. Ramirez                       22.5          17.7
2003    Marlins                      45.1       I. Rodriguez                     10.0          22.2
2002    Angels                      61.7       T. Salmon                           9.7          15.6
2001    Dbacks                     85.5       R. Johnson                       13.4          15.6
2000    Yankees                  107.6      B. Williams                        12.4          11.5
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Those 2010 Giants won despite Barry Zito, not because of him. Didn't even make the playoff roster.

Ivan Rodriguez didn't actually make all that much money - $10M, the 3rd least amount on the list - but still made up 22% of the cheap-!!! 2003 Marlin's payroll, the largest share of a WS winning payroll by 3%. By way of comparison, Paul Konerko's $8.8M for the 2005 White Sox only made up 12% of the Sox payroll.
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The Addison Russell thing upset me, a lot, but I also am a big believer in second chances to someone who truly shows remorse AND is doing things to help himself and others.

let those of us who are without sin, cast the first stone. Me? I'm no saint when it comes to just about anything.
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I disagree with the decision, even with him taking steps to make changes.

Also buried within that article, recently acquired Ronald Torreyes non-tendered. What was the point of the trade then?
Good question re: Torreyes...
Hypothetically, if the Cubs sign zero noteworthy position players for next year, how confident is everyone that they will win the division? I still think a backup catcher might be the most important piece, obviously would still like Harper or Machado (even after the whole hustle deal, but I definitely value Harper more), but I think some combination of Schwarber, Happ, Almora, Heyward, and Zobrist is a top 10 outfield.

The total (minus La Stella) silence by the front office is interesting. I really want to believe they are working on something big, but I think it's equally likely they really think the makeup of the current team is fine, at least for the start of the season (again, I dont see us getting out of the offseason without at least some catcher signing).
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I weirdly like the quiet. It's like a predator laying low confidently watching its enemies be reactionary.