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Probably doesn't hurt. He's sitting really well there and doesn't have much motivation to take a chance going somewhere like an Indiana that would be so impatient. If he stays at WSU, he gets paid on par with a top Power 5 coach, has the amenities and benefits of a top Power 5 coach and he doesn't have to move or compete in a Power 5 conference. Getting to the AAC improves their tournament resume now on top of all that. His good gig is really just getting better...

He could get a statue there if he stays. I think it will have to be a TRUE blue blood to come calling before he leaves for anything.

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So if we are possibly waiting on C Martin to find out if he's available or not, what are the current HC openings that are still out there?

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Former Missouri assistant Rob Fulford is expected to join John Groce’s staff at Akron, sources told ESPN. Fulford also ran Huntington Prep.
From the Akron Beacon Journal:

UA signed Groce to a six-year contract with the first two years paying $350,000, Wilson said. There are bonus opportunities for meeting specific goals.
So that would make his buyout $450,000 in 2017 and $450,000 in 2018 for $900K total, plus we avoided paying a $500K retention bonus by firing him.

Thank you Mike Thomas for a well-negotiated buyout agreement! :thumb: