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In response to Nebraska news!

Andrew Slater

Expected to hire strong recruiters too. One is currently coaching elsewhere. Will have the resources to compete in recruiting
Welcome to the B!G, Fred. You've got to feel sorry for Tim Miles. He got my coach of the BTT award, the way he motivated his players to another level. Hope they win the NIT.
I firmly believe in having homegrown talent in the program. What are the chances Jerrance ever comes home and replaces, say Walker.
Never imagined the possibility of Prohm being interested in moving south... Or Hoiberg back to Iowa State. Would Tim Miles get another year at NE if the other two worked out this way? Am sure mostly click bait ideas rather than likely to happen.

"The move potentially could create big waves in the coaching industry if and when it happens. Steve Prohm's name will buzz for that Alabama job (he's an alumnus and highly qualified for the gig), even as his team plays in the NCAA Tournament. From there, questions about Iowa State will surface. If Prohm were to leave, well, Fred Hoiberg returning home would make for one heck of a story. (Hoiberg has also reportedly been connected to the Nebraska job.)"
Can someone go back and pull up the hand wringing from when we "missed" on this guy?
As you wish... (all in good fun, so many gruesome predictions if you take 5 minutes to look back at some of the threads)

UI made a colossal mistake in not firing JG a year earlier and hiring Bryce Drew. It's been one blunder after another for this athletic dept.
My list is 1) Monty, 2) Archie, 3) Bennett, 4) Bryce Drew, 5) Marshall, 6) Buzz Williams, 7) Scott Drew. I'm convinced that every one of these guys would be a home run hire.
Keatts goes to NC State have to compete with Indiana in coach hunt. Thinking more and more it will be Bryce Drew which I guess is ok but certainly doesn't excite me
I'm like 10 pages behind, but would people seriously be upset with Bryce Drew? Am i living on another planet?
People freaking out about Bryce Drew...are you serious? He's one of the best coaches out there. You freak out because you saw him lose one game to Northwestern with players he didn't recruit? If he comes and brings Roger Powel, and retains Walker on his staff, he could do great things at Illinois.
Bryce Drew knows the game. He'd kill it here. If you think that'd be a bad hire, I've got nothing for you.
Bryce Drew is a future star...
Hire Bryce Drew right now.
Wonder where Roger Powell will end up.
Vandy is crazy. He's gotten good recruits, had some bad luck and injuries to important players. He's a good coach. 3 years and gone??!?
Not much a chance. And now they want to "reassign" him to avoid paying the buyout. Unless Lottich gets things turned around and stops the bleeding and transfers (from a bad team even) at Valpo, I wouldn't be surprised if Bryce turns up there again in the future.
Don't feel bad for Drew. His teams got successively worse each year. O-fer in conference play this year.