D1 Hockey at Illinois

near Ogden & Rt 83
The jersey alone is why this needs to happen.

we call those "sweaters"

from wiki:
A hockey jersey is a piece of clothing worn by ice hockey players to cover the upper part of their bodies. It is traditionally called a sweater as, in earlier days, when the game was predominantly played outside in winter, it actually was a warm wool-knit covering

get it right, eh ?
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near Ogden & Rt 83

oh, my lord, what I would pay to see the new D1 team come out in the very first game in Orange & Blue versions of this sweater with Chiefs on it !!!!

talk about the ultimate mic drop moment in that running story

I named my then Golden Retriever pup, in 2010, Chief , after our beloved Illiniwek. Sadly, my Chief was diagnosed with stage IV lymphoma in mid March and lasted 17 days before we had to do the right thing. I miss him more than The Chief, but I miss both ALOT. There will never be another Chief Illiniwek, and there will never be another Chief, who was the nicest and most gentle dog God ever created.
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