David Williams inducted into CFL Hall of Fame

David was born about 10 years too early. He would have been the absolutely perfect player for the Patriots-style of offense.

ETA - he’d have played 30 pounds heavier and been a TE.
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Carbondale, IL
When I was a kid, the guy who sat behind my family at games would shout "THROW THAT BALL TO DAVID WILLIAMS" roughly eight times a game.

Glad to see that he got his due.
Lol. I wonder if he's related to the guy next to me and my dad who would yell "THERE HE GOES!" literally every time Rashard Mendenhall touched the ball.
David Williams was such a great college player I was certain he would be a star in the NFL. I was thrilled when he was drafted by the Bears. He never even made the roster. Congratulations to him on this great honor. He hasn’t been inducted into the U of I Hall of Fame yet has he? If not, I would expect very soon.