Details on Zavier Simpson’s Suspension

Car was registered to the ADs wife and he left the scene of the accident before returning on foot and acted like he wasn't involved. There are some more salacious rumors involved but those are the undisputed facts.
How this doesn't blow up in Michigans face, 🤷‍♂️...
It won't. The AD's son is a team manager, and supposedly "close friend" of Simpson. ZS told the cops it was his friend's car, which seems plausible enough for deniability. This will end as badly for Michigan as the DeSouza saga did for Kansas, or Ray Felton's testimony on academics did for UNC.

The NCAA doesn't care. Simpson may get another game or two on the bench, but with UM in 12th place in the league, does it really matter?
The team rule he broke was "don't get caught with the AD's car" and "don't wreck the AD's car". Nothing good happens at 3 am.
This ain't Robert Traylor's Michigan (had a friend close to the Mich program who gave some insight into that night. car. experience)