DIA receives $2,000,000 donation for State Farm Center from Dave Downey

This brings back memories, almost 40 years old, of playing in quite a few pickup games at IMPE (I inhabited the first court on the left, nearly day in day out) with several then-current Illini players (Levi Cobb, Rich Adams, Audie Matthews), and Dave Downey. DD was in his mid-to-late 30s at the time, but he was clearly the best player on the court in every one of those games. I marveled at his game. Just pointing this out for the many fans who weren't even born yet during his Illini heyday; this was not a guy with a game from the two-handed set shot, peach basket era. He was a tremendously talented player, in addition to being, like Mannie Jackson (another guy from around Downey's era), a great ambassador for our school. Thanks to Dave Downey and friends for his contribution; the Club 53 will be a fitting tribute to his legacy as an Illini great.