Eastern Michigan 34, Illinois 31 POSTGAME

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After today, I think this is a 3-win season.... tops. Not sure how Lovie keeps his job, and with that probably goes Whitman’s too. Something is wrong here.
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Well, it won't be a six win season now. Will Lovie keep his job with 4-5 wins?
It was a fun offseason of optimism and 2019 was good while it lasted but it’s all over now. Our path is 6 wins is officially dead.
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Most reputable schools would have let this staff go after last season, but we offered a promotion to Lovie. Whitman and Lovie are both good people, family men, but can talk their way out of anything (politicians). We walk down a dangerous path with them at the helm. I'll always root for Illinois, but this is, and has been, a joke for a long time.
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I guess this can go one of two ways. They learn from all of the mistakes the last two weeks and somehow scratch out four conference wins or tank and go 3-9 again. Based on what they've done under Smith so far it's probably the latter. Either way you can't be happy where this thing is in year four.
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