Eight Ole Miss players kneel during national anthem

Good on them for taking a stand on an important issue. It is valuable to have civic involvement and awareness. It is especially valuable to identify oneself as being situated in a sort of "bully pulpit" and utilizing it wisely.
It doesn't make sense to me. The flag is a symbol of freedom and was carried into battle to fight the confederacy. Hundreds of thousands of those freed were armed and joined the fight under that symbol of freedom.
Kneeling when everyone is standing is a form of protest. What are they protesting during the national anthem for? Because there were people that were marching in support of the confederacy at another location? I’m honestly confused how those are at all related.
I just wonder how a school with a nick name the rebels, who has had this same group in town for 100 years, comes as a surprise? I mean, maybe a better protest is not go to Ole Miss if you are an athlete? Go somewhere else? Rebels, what does that mean, its your school name? Just a few questions I'd ask. hell its America people can do whatever they want I suppose
If they hadn't knelt nobody would be talking about the pro-confederacy rallies or even be aware of them. We are so used to seeing hateful things that a lot of time we just tune out unless someone rubs our noses in it. These players wanted to raise awareness for a problem in their community and this is one of the few ways to make themselves heard on a national level.
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my middle child, my first born son, went to Ole Miss. fwiw, there are about 2-3 times more black students there, as a % of total students, than UI. Blacks are far more represented there , in the heart of Dixie, than in east central Illinois. The fact they may be under represented , as a % of the state, is no different than at UI. Like many state schools, both institutions struggle with trying to make the numbers match. UofMich, Mish St, and O$U are no different.

I don't happen to agree with kneeling during the anthem. IMO, its a separate issue from with students marching or demonstrating for the Sons of Confederacy.

However, they have as much right to kneel as the SofC have to demonstrate. IMO, the SofC should take their beef off campus. Not sure what their beef is.
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I've heard the arguments against kneeling, and I tend to agree it makes some people in the military feel disrespected, especially older veterans. For that reason, I don't believe I would participate in that type of protest for personal reasons. However, I have heard many folks in the military say it's used as an excuse to ignore a message some people don't want to hear, and there's most definitely truth to that as well.

People by and large, see what they want to see. That said, it's brought attention to an important issue, even though it's made some people uncomfortable. After all the hell-raising the (predominately) right-wingers have made of these protests, I kind of admire these kids for being willing to take the heat. YMMV
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The reason it is 100% appropriate as a form of protest is that the values the flag are supposed to represent are not, in fact, freedoms enjoyed by all Americans. It is blindingly clear that one of the founding principles of our country, that being 'equal protections under the law', is nowhere close to being achieved. Worse, it has become abundantly clear that the very people who are supposed to provide those protections are often the perpetrators violating those protections. Therefore, the symbol of freedom and the words 'home of the free', are denying the actual state of affairs for our own fellow Americans. If your rights were being repeatedly violated and your children were being put at risk by the very people paid to protect them, how enthusiastic would you be to endorse that fiction?

As to my fellow vets, if they weren't serving to protect and defend the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution, (read: freedom of speech), then what the heck did they think those words were doing in their oath? Seriously, exposing the failures of our society to offer the most basic equity in the founding values of our nation, after all this time, is kinda inexcusable.

I will 100% be taking a knee during the national anthem at the next Illini game I attend, because blind 'patriotism**' to the flag is exactly how these egregious inequalities have been allowed to perpetuate for so long. That is not okay!!!

** Patriotism that lacks the courage to stand up for our founding values isn't patriotism at all. The flag isn't what's important, its the 'for which it stands' part that is most important. It is only through living those values that gives the flag it's meaning. Oddly, the folks most likely to call themselves 'patriot' these days also seem to be the ones least likely to defend 'for which it stands' for everyone within our borders.

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I'm an older veteran... much older actually... And it doesn't bother me, nor do I feel disrespected. In fact it gives me hope. Hope that maybe that not so brilliant war I fought in wasn't in vain after all... and hope that WE as a nation can finally come to grips with the truth about what 'freedom for all' really means....