Elite Eight Games

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5:09pm CT - (1) Gonzaga vs (3) Texas Tech - TBS
7:40pm CT - (1) Virginia vs (3) Purdue - TBS

1:20pm CT - (2) Kentucky vs (5) Auburn - CBS
4:05pm CT - (1) Duke vs (2) Michigan State - CBS
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I'm rooting or PU. They are playing great ball. Edwards looks great. Cline looks like an old guy (shooting great) playing at the local Y … loved the reference by his coach that his shooting mechanics look like fly fishing.
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I thought over all, Tech was allowed to hack at will. With those officials, even Illinois wouldn’t get in foul trouble.
I don’t agree. I thought they called it pretty even both ways. It seemed consistent with the games out in Anaheim. But that is my opinion. They just play a tighter defense with lots of rubs. It takes a lot of skill to do what they do. On the other hand, we would be called for fouls because, well, we probably would have been fouling.
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IMO, Few has underachieved recently. I'd love to have that problem, but man, his team this year had enough talent to win it all.
Underachieved? Weren't they playing for the National Championship two years ago? Playing for a regional championship this year?

By whose standards would that be considered recent underachievement?

They had a great team this year. So did North Carolina....in a one and done, loses happen.

Few has built an empire up there.
Also, I know he has been kind of labelled as a chucker by at least one person on this board, but Edwards has some serious range.
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