Elite Eight Games

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Grudging respect for Purdue. Painter was classy in post game interview I saw, acknowledging the lucky bank 3 by Edwards. I really did not like Keady whose intimidation of officials was worth a few points or more every game at home. He also played football in tennis shoes knowing the officials would tire of blowing their whistle. Don't know if Edward's game translates to NBA, but hope he finds out. If he comes back they are loaded, if not still very good with Hunter, Wheeler, and Williams all likely to improve.
That was the second best Elite 8 game I have ever watched......... I'm sure you all can guess which one was the best
Heh, well said. There's only one more memorable!

Great game for UVA and Purdue, with both teams playing unconscious at times. Some of the defense in that game was as memorable as the buckets. And the 1 make, 1 miss for a long long rebound at the end of regulation. Amazing execution. And the final bucket to tie it up? OT was prety good too.
I suppose you could point to many different plays that were the difference in the game but to me the play that hurt Purdue most when they seemingly had the game in hand is when they allowed Diakite to catch the long pass for the shot to force overtime. This was after they poked the ball into the backcourt with seconds left. Any sort of deflection or hand in the face and the game is over.
IMHO, the pivotal point was Cline’s missing the second free throw after he was fouled (intentionally) late in regulation. If he makes, Purdue goes up 4 and Purdue doesn’t have to foul on Virginia’s next possession. Even if Virginia makes a 3, time is running out and Virginia still has to either make an immediate steal on Purdue’s inbounds play or immediately foul to send Purdue back to the line. If Cline had made the second free throw, the odds greatly favor Purdue.
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I want UK to embarrass Auburn like they did in their last matchup...and then watch POS Satan cry in the post game again. GO KATS GO
This loss is going to eat at Purdue for a long time. UVA with 5.8 left has to miss that 2nd free throw and with Haarms in there, the miss is going to be long. They have no other hope. Yet Haarms reacts very slowly allowing Diakite the long tip.

Watch everybody but Haarms slide toward mid court leaving a 2 on 1 with Haarms near the basket. If you get beat by a 30 footer it was meant to be but don't let it be a basically unguarded 8 footer. I don't know who Purdue's other big man was but he had to stay home.
Kudos to Chris Beard, going 18-14 in his first season at Tech, then follows up with an Elite 8 and now a FF.
And to think, he was almost going to be UNLV’s coach.
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The best part of this Auburn - Kentucky game is that one SEC has to lose.
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Murica'. Lie, cheat, steal, ooze scum......all the way to the top.
Murica'. Lie, cheat, steal, ooze scum......all the way to the top.
Yeah , pretty much. Both coaches have faced scandel multiple times, and still get to come back and build success. Cal has made a franchise out of it, and getting over 9 mil a year doing it.
So why not cheat? You really don’t face any real punishment..... unless you’re last name is Harrick? Idk, maybe he just retired.
Duke is borderline unfair if they are hitting threes.
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The big guys for MSU not gettin much love from the refs. Seems like they are gettin beat up and not getting any foul calls. They need to match zions energy
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