ESPN -- College Football's 150 Greatest Players of All Time

Yep. Two of the greatest wore O and B uniforms. I am surprised that Deon Thomas from FSU didn’t make it
I didn't look at the entire list, but I would put flip Bo Jackson and Herschel Walker. Both great players, or course, but I think Bo was the more exciting player (although his stats don't match up with Herschel). Too bad Bo had the hip injury or he could have really been a great pro.
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I know nobody loves the guy, but looking at the list I thought Tim Tebow was way too low. I figured he would be closer to top 50
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There's an argument to be made Tebow was the greatest college player ever. Not as talented as some of the other dudes on the podium last night, but this a huge miss.
I know you said there's an argument to be made, but I don't think it's much of an argument. He got a lot out of what talent he has but he is not close to the greatest college player ever. I think he's in about the right spot.