ESPN's 50 in 50

Illini Foot Soldier
Not sure if anyone watched it but last night ESPN was in Illinois for their 50 in 50

The Bad :mad: - Could have used alot more Illini showed, I believe there was only one or two mentions of the Illini and Champaign
The OK :confused: - Steve Bartman, yes I understand the hatred but seriously I blamed Alex G alot more than Steve B.
The Good :D - 25 minutes worth of Illinois sports, Number of White Sox comments? Zero . . . Awesome! Now thats good television!
Champaign's Finest
Chicago, IL
I purposely taped every sportcenter on yesterday so I could catch the 50 in 50 portion. I was rather disappointed, too. Steve Bartman is a blemish, not something we want to highlight in Illinois. And I think they showed the Illini basketball team for about a milisecond. We go to the championship game and that's it? Booooo- Not even a shot of the Assembly Hall???
Illini Foot Soldier
Granted that I agree with everything you said, I think we do have to understand that it is baseball season, and that if it were football or basketball season, there would have been more about the Bears and the Illini.
I saw the ESPN special as this, cubs, cubs, cubs, cubs, Bonnie Blair, cubs, Bobby Hull, cubs, Miles Davis, and more cubs. We got one mention but there was one thing that I found, it was on day 37 of their trip, equal to the amount of illini wins last season. It probally wasn't intentional though.
Didn't catch ESPN last night but here's another little item--- Remember our old buddy Bruce Pearl? Well he is the UT Vols b-ball coach now (do they not do a background check? oh I forgot, this is the South) he already has received a censure letter or something from UT about RECRUITING methods...not quite sure what it is all about but I will keep digging. I predict he will not last more that 2 seasons without some type of backdoor violations!!!!