FBI College Basketball Corruption Investigation

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Wow, this story has legs. Being reported in NY times, CNN, etc. But here's my question:. Who's the dunce that paid $6.5 million for these services? I don't think I would have the cohones to ask for $6.5 mil for this. Props to the guy for those mad negotiation skills.
The best part about this IMO is that the FBI calls it "Operation Varsity Blues". :LOL:
It dates back to a comment several years ago that the NCAA was so mad at Ohio State that they put Cleveland State on probation. The implication that at their core the NCAA doesn't want their brand to look bad
In further news, the BB beat writer in Tuscon stated that Millers firing/retirement is just a matter of time, probably a short time. He says that he thinks Miller knew the morning when they raided his house that the gig was up. He has completely quit recruiting and while this incoming class is rated #1, he expects most of them to bale if tough sanctions come down.

He stated that for years, we got 5 star after 5 star and now we may not get a good 3 star.

On senior night, Sean told the crowd at then end of the game "It has been such a pleasure to coach here for 10 years"
I'm not sure that I understand what you mean by this joke? Can someone explain?
The joke is that whenever a major violation is found out, or even suspected, from a major school, the NCAA elects to ignore it and instead create a splashy headline by selectively "discovering" violations at a smaller school. I think a great example of this was the NCAA getting all tough on Samford during the whole UNC fake classes scandal.
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Found this to be an interesting perspective . . .

Well written, but one word the author, and everyone with the same take, is missing: Cartel.

This is not how a cash market is supposed to work, in this country. There are only so many players each year, and so many more Universities. How is it decided where the best players go? Does Idaho St. have the same chance to buy players that Duke has? This is a scheme.