FBI College Basketball Corruption Investigation

Why Nike officials should be nervous after Avenatti allegations

Avenatti’s indictment originated from the Southern District of New York, which should be familiar to college basketball fans. That office took the lead on the landmark cases that resulted in the arrests of 10 men in September of 2017 and the convictions of three last October, in a trial that centered on Adidas' role in paying star basketball recruits. There are two federal trials scheduled from that investigation.

While Avenatti is accused of extorting Nike, legal experts say that doesn’t make his information of any less interest to the SDNY — and, by extension, the NCAA. It was notable that Edward Diskant, the lead prosecutor on the Adidas case, stood alongside U.S. attorney Geoffrey Berman at his press conference announcing Avenatti’s arrest.

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NCAA puts the hammer down on Cal Poly Basketball:

Cal Poly Scandal
Their last violation was 24 years ago and the NCAA decides to include it so they can prove theirs is a “history” of violations?? 99% of the students there weren’t even ALIVE when that violation happened!

Man the NCAA likes to hold a grudge.

I’m still 10 years away from retirement but when I get out of the Air Force I’ve been looking to figure out what my job will be. I love sports and I love justice.

I think I’m going to try to become the president of the NCAA and turn it into a respectable organization.
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Shame that Wade and Miller won’t testify on the grounds that their relationship with Dawkins was “irrelevant” to college basketball corruption.

These guys are going to get away with this, might as well cheat and pay players as much as you possibly can from here out.
Wow. For paying a bit too much for books. Definitely not an offense that UNC ever had to worry about.
And I think this is what makes me hate the NCAA as an organization. It's one thing for them to let the big boys off the hook time and time again for terrible wrong-doing, but to go so disportionately hard after a school with so little to gain while doing so, just smacks of abuse of power.