Feeling good about 2005-06 Illini b-ball...

LA, LA, big city and dreams.
What's with Weber's quote? A bluff?


Of course nothing is set, but i can't see Dee going pro. With him leading Carter, Randle, McBride, & Augustine , I think we'll be more than solid next year. I can't wait to see all the new guys too.

This year proved that college basketball is all about parity. Of course I expect us to go far in the NCAA tourney next year.

Way to go Bruce Weber! We were one or two makes away from making him a genius in all the papers today. Helluva season.
Illini Foot Soldier
I agree with pretty much everything you said. I don't think you can really tell how this team will look until 1) you know if Dee "fastest human ever" Brown will be back or not and 2) how the end of the recruiting season ends up (does anyone know when recruiting actually ends?).

If Illinois can get one of big name recruites and Dee stays? Then I could see at least an Elite 8 appearance (remember, everyone including Dee and Augie now have another year of experience and another year under Bruce Almighty's system)
You Wish You Could Be Me
I bet everyone's excited!!! Last year was the best season ever, but 2005-06 is gonna be hard to beat as well!!
Don't know, maybe MSU in 99 & 2000??
I'm a little concerned about next year. Where's the scoring going to come from? We'll be solid, no doubt, and probably win the league title. But on a national level where do you think we stand? I would be pleased with a sweet sixteen appearance. You've got to remember that from 90 to 2000 we didn't make it to the second weekend of the tournament, did we? The past 5 years have been great and hopefully that will continue but I think the Elite 8 and/or final four maybe out of reach next year.
You Wish You Could Be Me
A sweet 16 would be good, but I still really wish that these guys can get to the Elite 8 or the Final 4. Dee and James have to really work in the gym and on being team leaders to get there though.
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I'm not worried about Dee and Augie in the weight room as much as I am worried about everyone else in the weight room. Dee and Augie will be the emotional and psychological leaders on the floor but if last season proved anything its that the everyone, EVERYONE needs to be able to take control on the floor and play. That means that every man on the bench must come to play and be physically able to play the game that the Big Ten requires.
You Wish You Could Be Me
I wonder who will be the other starters?? You got all your good guys like McBride and Randle and Carter...but who knows about Arnold and Brock and Pruitt. It may be like 5 months away, but I am already prepared for 2005-2006 Fighting Illini Men's Basketball.