Florida Atlantic 73, Illinois 71 OT POSTGAME

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That wasn't a foul on Trent at the end. Refs are as bad as this Illini team. I know that's beside the greater point, but man that just made this game almost unwatchable.
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Honest question, how many B1G wins does this team get? 4-9 now, do they even get to 9 wins this season? If they finish with 8, what does it do for the rest of the BU era?
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Ten years ago, Indiana went 1 - 17 in the Big Ten. Maybe we can beat that.
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Just watched it on yahoo tracker but the statistics show clearly this is not a good basketball team. Pathetic shooting so coach needs to seriously reconsider the strategy of tossing up so many 3 pointers when they cannot shoot from outside. Plus gave up many layups as soon as we score to catch up. Need some defense and rebounding. Brave to come out for post game interviews after that.
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Followed along on Twitter. Man. As mentioned above, something is wrong. However, the “fix” will bring us lower than rock bottom (transfers, new staff, new system, starting over with recruiting). But staying the course could continue perpetual bottom feeding (transfers, short term “fixes” in positions of need, stalled recruiting).

The eternal Illini Conundrum