Florida Atlantic 73, Illinois 71 OT POSTGAME

The thing is that BU hasn't seen this before? He's been around a long time, coaching under guys that are even crazier than him (or that's what I thought Huggs/Martin we're)...shouldn't he have a clue how and when it clicks for players?
Me3...watched the illini since the mid 70s...never ever post about removing coaches. Thought it couldn't get much worse than the last few years, but THIS is rock bottom. I have a 10 yr old son who goes to the games with me who is gonna have a hard time being an Illini fan. Makes me sad.
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The problem is that they aren’t succeeding at figuring it out and the money is still being paid. This was a thrash showing, I am a huge supporter but enough is enough. Illinois is the laughing stock of the big ten.
I was an early donor for the SFC renovation. The pitch was that we needed upgraded facilities to compete....oops. Last year the pitch was for the Ubben renovation. The pitch again was we needed to upgrade to attract recruits and to compete.... I laughed at the latest attempt and also replied no to supporting the Lack of Performance Center. No $$$ will go to anything but Illinois Golf.
Have TF and AD played well in the same game yet? I don't recall that happening. Was this the first game Ayo scored with Trent in the lineup and not hurt?
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Looking back at the start of the BU era I recall him saying something to the affect that he loved the teaching / practices part of this job and (basically) put up with the games so he could teach. I sort of ignored that thinking - 'so what as long as it works'. Now I get it. In game adjustments (any wonder we suck in 2nd halves?) are not stellar.
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BU seemed like the perfect replacement to bring bball out of its mediocrity since he would bring an identity. I get that a complete rebuilding is needed for this program, but even for a team this young, you can't be losing to mid-majors that aren't that great. There hasn't been any progress or adjustments on the team outside of giving Samba more playing time. Surely the offense can be more than relying on transition and 3's. If a couple recruits like Cockburn and/or Shannon come on board, then I'll give BU the benefit of the doubt, but Illinois can't rely on a bunch of developmental projects supporting one or two stars if they want to be relevant again. If he can't get any of his remaining big recruiting targets and no progress is shown with this team, then BU's seat will be very warm, if not burned entirely.
Your offense can’t be “give it to so and so and have them make a play”. That looks like what we run. No purpose to anything we do, and it results in difficult, highly contested shots. Even if they are at the rim, they are tough.

I knew earlier this year that from a systems standpoint I highly disliked Underwood’s philosophies. The only real offense is predicated on stops and run outs, and we give up layups and wide open threes all day, so no chance for run outs.