Game Thread: Illinois at Grand Canyon

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How do we not have ANY set plays to get Frazier open looks from deep? Mind boggling. Our shooting is atrocious because the only time we shoot the ball is when the shot clock is winding down.
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Kofi will be fine. What won't will be their ability to play better talent.
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Dre is the leader of this team.

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It's like,,, Kipper almost does nothing right nowadays (allowing that rebound to get slapped is what i'm referring to). 2rebs 3pfs
What's your point? That's gonna happen. We've also doubled them up in rebounds. Why are we not up 20? Look, I don't expect to roll everybody we play but this team is not looking good right now with the exception of Kofi and Feliz. I think most agree.
The question was asked, why BU isn't putting in a position to succeed? He is. Have the convert.

Don't get me wrong. I agree with you about this looking bad. It absolutely does. I have a hard time putting it at the coaches feet with some of the things I've seen. With all due respect to Feliz....the fact that he's leading this team and not our "lottery pick".....that's a problem.
10 pt win in hostile af environment a long way from home with ayo off his game. Fine by me.
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