Game Thread: Illinois at Hawaii

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Melbourne, Florida
I'm probably going to regret that cup of coffee a little but later....but for Now i am pumped. Go illini!:illinois:
Has anyone tried to load the link yet??? You can see the court but not the baskets on either end??? Please tell me our "stream" will give us a better view than this?????
Damn it i see it tips are 12 too. i should have stayed at the bar with the hottie bartender a little longer....oh well i will pop a brewski here and shoot the bull with you guys!

I hope the boys are more awake than most on this board! Need to come out with fire. I think Coach will "Groce" them up.
Chillicothe, IL
Anybody having issues with the stream buffering, then only playing for 2 seconds, and doing this constantly?
Not open for further replies.