Game Thread: Illinois at Indiana

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On one of the other boards they were saying Kane is academically ineligible? Is this true?
why was DLR guarding Romeo?????...or should I say trying to guard
Once they break 50, it's over. We aren't going to score that many.
How many times do the big guys get their basket in on 3rd or 4th attempts? Our lack of inside strength is killing us
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You do not have to back up on an inbounds play under the basket. What was that call by the ref?
LOL at not calling a foul for Frazier there. other guy completely pulled his arm
Get tired of watching other teams drive and get fouls, we drive and it is never a foul...or so it seems
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I was worried about betting IU against the spread with the way the first half went.

That fear has since been vanquished.
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