Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

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That wasn't targeting. Was it a late hit/unnecessary roughness? Absolutely, but that isn't reviewable.
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He has terrible ball security and touch. The run plays he has had success at Robinson and Williams would be better. Robinson is a better passer. Williams has not played enough to know. But Peters has played enough to know that he ISNT the answer. They won 4 in a row despite him. It was turnovers and a good running game. He has made some good plays when he’s had time. My God, he’s a D1 QB, he should make some. But he makes more bad plays.
You might need concussion protocol
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regardless of officiating we can’t have the turnovers and expect to win against good teams. that’s on us WITHOUT mentioning whatever that was at the end of the first half. this game was winnable
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Unstellar officiating today.
To be fair, we benefitted from a couple of questionable PI calls(both offensively and defensively). It all evens out.

This game was lost by our lack of execution inside the 30 Iowa on offense. Have to come up with more points.
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Don’t question Ferentz...he’s the best coach in the country...right Matt?
I don't think the officiating was an issue. Missed the late hit but game was essentially over. Too many turnovers failure to take advantage of scoring opportunities, questionable offensive play calling, end of first half debacle...6 point turnaround.
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