Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

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I see the scrappy lunchpail guys are getting all the calls as usual at Iowa. SMDH.
Reffing like an NBA game when Iowa has the ball. Ridiculous
this is now a joke. Garza is getting away with everything.
So we're all just going to foul out halfway through the second half.
They have to protect the player of the year I guess

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Refs seem to have totally changed first to second half
Lmao.. this is the worst officiated game I have seen all year.. reminds me of the 2005 championship game with Sean May.. Garza can push shove and hack and not get a call...
Refs are infuriating me. Letting everything go on our end yet calling everything on us on defense.
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We need Kofi back in pretty quick. Iowa getting a lot of rebounds this half and Iowa driving to the rim with Kofi out
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Well the reffing was good. Francine must be in their ears.
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