Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

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The Pucker Factor is so high right now you couldn't pull a hot buttered needle out of our butts with a John Deere tractor.
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Fran Jr. --- I've watched the last several Iowa games and he's looked like DMW shooting 3's. Announcers said he's hit one in past 4 games.

Then he hits three treys today.
After 15 years, we are once again seeing an Illini team we want to see. One that does not beat itself but plays competently and tough under pressure. They will likely lose this game, but they will not get beaten.
How do you stop Garza when he gets every call, travels, chicken wings for position, over the backs, illegal screens and then gets pumped about it.. ? Anyone got any answers? I thought we have done well on him tonight, but boy does he get away with a lot and get a lot of the calls
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Iowa's freshman guard is one of the best I've seen this season. He's a heck of an offensive player.
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