Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

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Was hoping we could keep Garza quiet this half. Of course Kipper comes in and immediately gives up a 3 and layup to him.

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We will not get any help from the refs today in regards to fouls
I’m exhausted watching this. Refs are letting them play. That’s good for us. Even in a tightly called game, they would still be letting Garza do his thing... but Hamlin would be guarding him right now
Garza is a beast. An absolute beast. What makes him so tough is that there's nothing he doesn't do well. He's dangerous from everyone and he's hard to contain on the glass. Going to have to figure out a way to keep him under at least a little bit of control.
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Garza is a hack, he literally hacks everybody. It’s amazing he doesn’t foul out more. Downlow he is killing our guys physically. gab can’t handle it. Kofi looks gassed.
Just want to say I think our bench is giving us some really good minutes... we need GB to get involved... we need kofi to work I’m catching and not bringing the ball down... other than the last 2 minutes I thought we did a good job on Garza.. you have to close out better on him. He won’t blow by you like Oturo could... so we need to close out better. Feliz, kip and griff are doing good. We have missed a few easy bunnies.. gotta clean that up.
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We need to be getting some baskets off those loose balls under our own basket. We are out-rebounding them so far.
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Now there's a telling stat.....bench points 16-0 Illini Unfortunately, Iowa does not foul so we'll be seeing the same 5-6 guys all game.
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