Game Thread: Illinois at Michigan State

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Big one at Breslin Center tonight.
#Illini in the road oranges.
Freshman forward Benjamin Bosmans-Verdonk is not in uniform & has a walking boot on.
These young men can do this if they focus on D, get turn overs and dont make TOs themselves. We match up well.
Wrong players are shooting the shots during those first 4 minutes. A Monte miss, 2 launches for giorgi...

More Ayo and more Kofi please!
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Winston is so smooth.

Once again Kofi forcing every post entry instead of passing out to open shooters. Sigh.
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Look at Kofi’s mechanics against tougher opponents. Kid will probably need another yeat at least before the NBA.
Come on Illini! Can't let this one get out of hand. Need Kofi to take over.
I had a bad feeling with Kofi at times he doesn't go up strong,he seems more of a passive big guy
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Only one dude in orange that can hang at this level of play.
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