Game Thread: Illinois at Michigan

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St. Louis
Some tough lineups out there. No AG and foul trouble on Frazier hurt us offensively.
I think our lack of depth with Alan out is making the fouls seem worse. There haven’t been THAT many fouls called, yet we have three guys in foul trouble all game.

A good chunk of our fans were calling for blood and the B1G wanted to make a statement. With TF's foul trouble, we don't have shooters and it's hard to get a call going to the basket.
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Hard to believe after having maybe his best game at Purdue that Kofi responds with his worst game at Michigan....but it happens. Still time to finish tough but he seems to be in a fog.
Western Illinois
Kofi is getting mugged on the offensive end when he rebounds.
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Winged Warrior
We aren't missing AG on offense so much today....we are missing his rebounding.
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Shows us how far Kofi still has to grow.. this is his 100% freshman game
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Kofi outplayed today. We didn’t own the paint. Don’t know if bad day or defensive adjustments by Mich.
Scottsdale, AZ
Kofi with only 3 rebounds and 5 points... Michigan doing a great job blocking out and frustrating him. Kofi is still a freshman!
Our defensive rebounding is terrible today
To me, that was the biggest factor. What should have been a 10-12 point lead at half...wasn't.

Rebounding is generally a heart and effort thing. Thought Kofi was slow to the ball, not very aggressive and not very physical all game. They really feed off him.
Going down to wire. Mich had livers back most of the game and we were missing a piece. Didnt play great and still kept it close.
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Herndon, VA
OK, here we go in the last minute and a half of the game. and down 2 Let's see what we are made of.
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Wichita, KS
WE are getting beat at what we do best SCUM is out toughing us this well they are out toughing our bigs, Kofi is not himself and bad Giorgi has returned
Kofi has looked tired and flat footed all game long. I hope it's not the "freshman wall", so many players run into.
Seriously? That was a foul on Kofi? Right...
Not the refs fault. He was poor today. He's a freshman. Happens. What worries me is that when he's poor....we're average. The games he's struggled in, we haven't faired very well.
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