Game Thread: Illinois at Minnesota

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We tripled our score between 12 and 10 minutes left. If we keep tripling our score every 2 minutes, we'll score about 43 million points and probably win.
stuck at work and just checked the score.....whoa.

Are we just missing everything or are we running crap offense? or both?
Kipper is 0-4 from 3. Why on earth is he being allowed to shoot the ball. 1-7 overall right now for him.
Wow, just wow. I didn't think a team could play worse than they did last year against Wisconsin. This tops it. Abysmal shooting. Totally outclassed on the inside. This is the 1st game they been really blown out on the inside. And of course everything is a foul for Illinois.
every touch foul being called on the Illini....say what you want about officiating, but it does affect the game when it is so one sided. I'm sure Frazier was bullying the gopher big on that last call....
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watch a replay of that call on TF - i mean come on refs. This is getting ridiculous - time for the coach to light up the refs.
Paging Mark Alstork....if there is a game to turn your offensive game around this season, this is it. Green light all night, I would like to see him shoot 15 shots and make this game competitive.
I thought I had seen everything with Illinois basketball, but I don't remember ever seeing a game where the offense was this bad.
Illini shooting epic low percentage in spite of good shots. Minny blocking every effort inside 12 ft. They are not hitting from outside either, just getting every rebound.
Not watching. Yahoo sports says Lynch and Murphy are 6'10" and 6'6". That doesn't sound like freakishly large. Is it correct?
Lynch is usually listed as 6-9. Big bodies both of them have real long arms and quick off the floor. Both of them very strong.
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