Game Thread: Illinois at Minnesota

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The talent has been middle of the pack(recruiting wise) for 3 years now. We have athletic players that are out of position on D almost every play. How do you not see that these defensive coaches SUCK! We could also have a few more sustained drives if Smalling could catch a football.
Thank you. If we wait a year to get rid of Lovie and his crew the talent will be far worse. That's why we need to make a move now.
Ok.....where is this "enough talent" that you speak of? Outside of Corbin, who will be gone after this year....I don't see an irreplaceable player on the roster. Wait, maybe the kicker. He's solid.
This is a hilarious norm at Illinois -despite the awful collective product, we are going to be seeing a few of these guys playing on Sundays. Think Kendrick Green, Milan and Hayes, Corbin and Hobbs with an outside chance maybe.
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I've said it many times. I'm afraid that not one admin or BOT member above Josh Whitman gives a sh&t about the athletics programs. Until that changes, we fans have to put up with this kind of crap year after year.
They don't care. No one demands excellence - hell, for that matter, competence. Sad. Just get flat out embarrassed every week we don't play an Akron or Kent St.
Small thing on that last play. I didn’t see a single person on the sideline going nuts for an interference call. Seems like the team and coaches just don’t care. Sad.
Yeah this loss will send the boulder downhill. I fear we are in last year of Weber territory in terms of the effort and passion we’re going to see the rest of the way.
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Sometimes between the 3-and-outs and 9 YPC allowed you get a glimpse of what it would be like to watch a competitive team.
Hanson with the face mask, Hobbs over running the play with a weak arm tackle, followed by the boys allowing the not particularly-athletic minny RB drag em another 6 yards.
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