Game Thread: Illinois at Minnesota

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"What your kicker is the highlight reel, then you should know your team is no good"
-------- Socrates.

"When your team is no good, then you need to change your teachers"
-------- Plato.
Looks like the Minnesota Viking playing Champaign High School. There has been absolutely no improvement over the last three years. SMH

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Four years in and there isn’t one thing we do well outside of our punter. I’m typically not one to think you should get rid of a coach mid season but it may just be time to move on and get a jump on the coaching market for next year. It’s obvious at this point the head coaching effort is minimal at best
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I think it is best we forfeit the rest of our game. They are not playing well at all. And, on the flip side collecting a lot of plenties.

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Good coverage except that he held. Give me a break Millen.
Minn approaching 500 yards of O. Lovie, unable to reasonably defend his teams anymore, will instead undoubtedly give us a bucket full of how good MN is in the postgame (Expect “they’re unbeaten for a reason” blah blah). Out of ideas, out of pride, and out of hope.
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Pass interference against the Golden Rats but the refs flag gets stuck in his back pocket.
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And let’s not wait, after this game I want him gone, make Rod the interim and let’s get a head start on the search
I'm not quite ready for the mid-season fire (close but not yet). If we were to pull the trigger...serious question- who would coach the D?
Yeah, it’s time to let Lovie go. I tried to back him but this was a make or break season for him. Who could we actually get to replace him though?
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