Game Thread: Illinois at Minnesota

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Bonnaroo Land
I think we knocked Morgan out of the top 5 in efficiency. Let's knocked him out of the top 10 now.
Little Rock, Arkansas
Thank goodness they keep dropping passes. Our LBs are out of position.
Obviously there will never come a day where I won’t be sad about an injury—but man it will be nice to have some depth one day such that with every injury the immediate reaction isn’t “well, there goes our chances”
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Tyngsborough, MA
We got a stop
Tyngsborough, MA
Tough luck on the punt
Minnesota has missed a lot of plays...but defense with three stops..offense had to do something
Colorado Springs, CO
That was a nice block by Minnesota's TE when Eifler was in back field. I couldn't believe we didnt get tackle until I saw the replay.
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