Game Thread: Illinois at Nebraska

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Illinois at Nebraska
7:30pm CT

Orlando, FL
In Atlanta, Dunwwody area, need a place with BTN to watch game. I know we have some ATL residents on here.
Fairfield, IL
I've been thinking this all day, but I believe the big key to this game tonight is defense. Who wins that side of the floor? We'll see.
Same starters as Maryland game

RT @MarcusJ_NG

Jaylon Tate,
Aaron Cosby,
Kendrick Nunn,
Malcolm Hill and
Nnanna Egwu

are your #Illini starters tonight.
"Hey Malcolm, we need you to stare at the camera for 30 seconds, this won't be awkward at all."
Panama City, Florida
Need a strong start and tough D. I have a good feeling about tonight, but would feel a lot better if we take (and make) a few good early shots. Still a bit wounded by the Weber Illini blow-out at UNL a few years ago...

Let's see the Huskers at full strength with the additions of their two hoss bigs of the bench. It should be a great game
Chicago, IL
the whole team is settling for long shots right now. Have we attempted a shot yet inside the 3pt line?
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