Game Thread: Illinois at Northwestern

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You know, NW hasn't really had any blow outs per se this season. They seem to be keeping in line with the opponent of the week and playing to their level.
I do not think they will blow us out but keep us in their sights which could give us a chance to pull this out.
Was that tiny hold at the end what they called the offensive pass interference? After not calling the blatant interference by them?
Let’s make NW win so they have a better record for bowl purposes and to enhance Michigan’s strength of schedule.
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I like this bend but don't break offense. It seems "bend" means 7 points while i guess "break" must mean 8 points.
Our Coaching is just terrible.Why punt the ball knowing your defense is incapable of stopping their Offense '"Pathetic"
I think we should walk off the field now. There’s no way they call the game so tight on us and miss obvious holds on NW. This is disgusting
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