Game Thread: Illinois at Northwestern

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Hilarious that they keep trying to talk up SO Many NW fans going to Indy next week
"They need every available bus to send all the NW students and fans down to the game. There just aren't enough buses for all these people. Also this is why there are only about 16,000 fans at this game. So many more wanted to attend but, you know, bus shortages."
.4 percent is still in it kids
I'm starting to think our D is pretty bad...
How do you get a scholarship to be a receiver and you can't catch a perfect pass. That would have been a
Mays drops a touchdown ball in what was a close game and we give away seven before the half. That's Illini football for you.
Now we can play passive defense from behind and let AJ scramble like a madman until it's third and long each possession.
I think I've seen this game before.
I can't understand why we can't defend anyone in football or hoops. Maybe the volleyball team can be dual sport athletes.
Not open for further replies.