Game Thread: Illinois at Northwestern

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The game was OK until Mays' drop; the game was competitive.

Illini: enough of the mistakes already, get smart. And catch the darned ball! Nothing makes me madder than receivers who can't catch. But Smalling had an acrobatic one earlier. Which reminds me: do you think Jeff Thomas is seriously considering Illini? I think he'd get some playing time right away at Illinois.

Illini: be fighting in the second half.
Nothing can sum up Lovie Smith better than kicking a FG 4th and G from the 3, to pull within 7-3 in game 36 of his tenure, to finish a season in which his defense is literally (as of 21-7) 7 points away from being the worst defense in the history of the program.
Northwestern is running out the clock in the first drive of the second half of a 21-6 game.

Fitz is the worst.
You gotta feel awful for Sam Mays. This is the last tackle football game of his life.
NFL you got a receiver that drops two balls and what do you do?
Can someone please explain why we don't pull right and run to left corner using our RB's blazing speed to get an easy first down instead of running into the loaded box every time?
Northwestern runs a simple offense executed well. We run a complex offense not executed well.

NU not many mistakes, no penalties, drop balls, missed tackles. We need to be this type of team in the near future.

I think our D line will be solid next year. But we need a core of tough/competitive LBs. Can we convert Woods/Gay to LBs? Need to stop run first, possibly 6-3/225 LBs would be more effective.
For someone who’s got the ability to make Brandon Lloyd like acrobatic catch’s, Ricky Smalling sure makes a lot of bad drops
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