Game Thread: Illinois at Northwestern

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Kipper Nichols just doesn't seem to click here for whatever reason. No matter how much BU pumps him up. No matter how much we all want him to play well and reach his potential and no matter how much HE wants just doesn't seem to be happening at Illinois.

Also, Damonte has had a rough sophomore slump.
Someone please tell me what they see in Tevian right now? All for giving him playing time to mature, but he obviously doesn't have the BBIQ to play B1G games yet.
He just came off an 8 game suspension. Which is on him. Give him more than 5 minutes of game time to get some of the rust off.
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I try to never complain about the refs. However, because of our pressure some of these calls are bailing out our competition when they make ball handling mistakes.
I spend most games furious about the refereeing. Like, I know we commit fouls like crazy, but the amount of leeway other teams get on bodying and hand checking out ballhandlers while we get called for every darn touch foul is pretty frustrating.
Northwestern is not very good, we just can not put it together long enough to do anything. For the love of all that is good can we please take the open shots when we have them
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