Game Thread: Illinois at Northwestern

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Chevy Chase, Maryland
tOSU destroying Huskers in Lincoln 36-18. Do not want to play them in Cbus.
I absolutely love seeing one of our players have a breakout game.

I’m really going to loathe this lacrosse bro for the next few years.
I am glad AG made the trip. Otherwise this game would be in doubt.
Winged Warrior
I enjoy how they highlight a NW player for academic excellence. Yeah. Duh.
Has he played the 4 tonight? Missed first half, but I haven’t seen him at 4 in second half.
Yeah. He had some minutes in with Kofi. I never want to see Georgi and Kofi on the floor at the same time. I think we're a lot better when we play smaller/faster.
Not open for further replies.