Game Thread: Illinois at Ohio State

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Illinois at Ohio State
2:30pm CT

4th & Chalmers, a few years ago...Now? Weeki Wach
Play like we are capable of, both ends of the floor, we'll win this game...
Si vis pacem, para bellum
Start the count for the amount of times dakich talks bout being an aau coach
Winged Warrior
This is a must win game for would be a huge win for us.
Chicago, IL
I don't think either team will have a single point in the paint today
St. Peters MO
I really like Dakich on the play by play. No pretense no catch phrases. Just calls it like he sees it
So far we've looked best in the open floor. Ray generated the open 3 for Kendrick and the layup for Egwu. We should have opportunities to score in transition if they continue to extend the full court zone.
Not open for further replies.