Game Thread: Illinois at Ohio State

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How can not throw the ball in bounds twice. Another team having a career day shooting. Can't be the defense.
Cite something.
Underperformance of our team game after game. Getting beat by the same mistakes and defensive collapses game after game. Lack of understanding of what constitutes a good shot or a good possession. Need I go on?
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Honestly.....the worst half of basketball i've ever personally watched Illinois play....and it's only half over
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Ohio State is just a better team at nearly every position.
Program is absolutely headed in the wrong direction. This season is a disaster in year 3 of a coaching staff.....
We are a good mid-major team with mostly mid-major talent and mid major coaching, trying to compete in a power conference with good programs.

We are a terrible team.
John Groce cannot execute the plays for them, you realize.
You're right but he needs to do a better job at putting his guys in a better position to succeed. How many touches inside the paint do we have? Why is it that we're struggling after OSU went to man to man. This team came in prepared for the zone and nothing else. Again, no adjustments made when the opposing team switched things up on their end.
Absolute collapse. No timeouts left. At least we can get this thing over quickly.
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Last time out at 924. The. Worst. Half. Ever.
Looks like Thad scouted that right there. Ball screen, big man slip to the hoop.
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