Game Thread: Illinois at Ohio State

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I love how other team's freshmen look like they have a clue, while Illini freshman are simply lost.

Nice cheap elbow by Black. Glad Dakich is calling him out on national TV.
simply EMBARRASSING!!!!!
Not sure how you can bash Groce for defense when we were so good last year and the system hasn't changed. That's on the players.
Chicago, IL
No one was able to play basketball and stop turning the ball over. Thats what caused this game to go. First half looked much much better, second half was implosion by the players.
Fairfield, IL
I think Nova is elite and the best opponent Illinois has faced so far.

Anyway, I agree with Dakich on Black, in terms of being out of control. Leron needs maturity and more EXP to play at this level. I like him though.
Lake Forest, IL
As much as I like Coach Groce, this game is definitely exposing how poor the Illini play defense. How many times do we have to watch Egwu not move his feet and pick up the screen roll. No fight midway through the second half. They were up by two then what? Who put the Xanax in the Gatorade?
my god the trolls are out in force today. and Dakich may be right but he needs to stop with the coaching advice.
Groce needs to suspend Black for game. He is simply out of control. Throwing elbows game after game. This is what the program is coming to?
missing Chester Frazier

Never thought I'd say this...but I'm really starting to miss Chester Frazier and his tenacity...he couldn't shoot...but at least he brought it defensively every game.
It used to be the way the ILLINI played basketball...where did it go?
Sorry Leron that you got higher through the screen then the other player who just about hit you in the face while setting an illegal screen. See both sides
Going to be a long year unless we start to show some leadership on the court. This was a bad loss in terms of collapse. Wonder why we can only go 2/3rds a game.
So frustrating to get excited each year, no matter who the coach is, & see us have a promising non conference to then just get punched in the mouth time & time again in B1G play. Every year.. Turnovers & can't score. We won't be playing in March
Chicago, IL
Ok so we have one of the best defenses last year and yet somehow Groce cant coach defense... makes sense guys
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