Game Thread: Illinois at Penn State

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Such an important game. Our season is nearly over, and this one really matters to our chances of success in the BTT. I really hope they show up --would be so sour to head into the tournament having to fight through the bottom-most bracket, with the recent losses that got us their. A great recipe for a depressing off-season....

Play like it matters guys!
Same story so far today. It's not that they're flat or I'll prepared, just can't deal with Stephens. Getting beat up on the glass, if they double, he kicks it out to wide open shooters....we just don't have that strong 4 to handle him....not even a little bit. It's just a bad matchup for this particular roster.
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Whatever ADLR's capabilities may have been pre-injury, he simply cannot score when contested now (unless it's by chance). No legs=no ability to take a step and dunk through resistance; no lift for any other kind of shot. The ball is coming to Adonis in a flow that requires him to shoot, but its almost an automatic turnover. [Again ... love the guy's effort to get in a final year of play, but he simply cannot do it.]

If we face an opponent that we needed to put "hack-a-shaq" type defense on, then put in ADLR for the fouls. ADLR does take up space on the defensive end, but the opponents can drive at him or work post moves as if ADLR is simply a telephone pole to work around.
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