Game Thread: Illinois at Penn State

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Reaves killing US. You have to find him he has only hit 3 or 4 3s in this half. Danger time. Y do we give up career highs to other teams players, seems like every game
Most frustrating part of this is what someone pointed out earlier, AG and Tev relegated to the bench to sit here and watch upper class men still not be able to get it done. If this is going to be the results, might as well get the younger guys some experience. Nope, in checks Kipper who's gone at the end of the season already.
This is 100000000000% on Brad Underwood! If he can't look at his lineup and realize how horrendous it is, he deserves to stand there and watch us get dismantled.
Our basketball I.Q. has something to be desired this game.
.4 percent is still in it kids
How has this team gone so soft - we have no one, no one out there who is being aggressive.

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Put Tev in for an energy boost and vertical ability
At what point does coach say this is not working? Jones, Griffin, Kane plus 2 whoever.. What do we got to lose!
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