Game Thread: Illinois at Penn State

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At one point this year I didn't expect a single win in conference. So even though we will (probably) lose today I think progress has been made.

As they 3-on-1 fast break us for an alley-oop. :rolleyes:

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Okay. I give.

Credit Ayo and GB right now, but I see no help coming for them
It's time to insert different players with the hope that they seize their moment and shine. Because the guys you have on the floor right now are incapable of winning this game. As a bonus, the Penn State players haven't seen video of Tev or Griffin or Samba so they wouldn't know their strengths or weaknesses.
I just don't understand what AG and TJ could have done (or not done) in practice that justifies 0 opportunities when guys on the floor flat out can't score.
I’m so tired of this statement in reference to Illinois. “This is a team nobody wants to play right now.” Just stop saying that.
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Note to Ayo - don't stand at the 3 pt line admiring your miss... this is a team problem by the way - we have way too many players in no mans land after our shots.
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This is a physical game today. Much more so than the way most games are called. I hope we keep feeding GB and work inside out. Penn st. Is a very physically strong team and its showing today. I understand why Samba not in but I'd be fine with someone in for Kip or DW. They both have made too many lazy passes, poor block outs. AG and Tev can at least shoot it if we go inside out.
At least I can watch our opening game live in the BTT since it will be a night game. There’s always a bright side.
Illinois trademarked fouling at half court.

One cannot wear the Illinois jersey without fouling at half court.
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