Game Thread: Illinois at Penn State

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Doing the same thing over and over and over again...I guess I qualify as stubborn as him for continuing to watch this. Kipper and ADLR should never see the floor. If your criteria is based on practice maybe you need to look at your practices differently.
The announcers keep trying to make it sound like Illinois could come back and win this. But the eyeball test says that our team, as it stands right now, is incapable of winning a game. Even when it's laid out right in front of us, we can't take advantage.
Can someone explain to me why we can’t find more than two shots for Frazier ? I seem to remember he can shoot
I actually haven't minded the final 3:30 minutes of the game. We've gotten great looks with as good of a lineup (if we're not going to play AG & TJ) on the floor.
I mean 135 down 9 walking the ball up the Court. I don't get it Penn State has literally done everything the last 5 mins to let you back in it.
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We stop them 4 straight times. Gotta make shots and not turn it over and this could be close.
I hope we do something crazy in the BTT. Time to watch Bradley now I guess, maybe a Illinois school can make the NCAAs this year.
We are so undynamic on offense. It's either a GB hook shot or a three. Nothing in between. We almost never put pressure on the opposing team's half court defense.
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