Game Thread: Illinois at Purdue

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I think they are concerned with poor wet ball throws/turnovers. Lovie is going to run clock, play the field position , and wait for Purdue to make mistakes.
I'm sure that's the case. But instead of three and out three and out. I want the offense to sustain a long drive and kill major clock. A pass like that could step on their neck and finish thier effort
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Rats. There goes the shutout.
That plays been there all game. It’s there all game every game. It’s just a matter of whether the TEs catch it or drop it....
I’m piling on Brohm but that’s a terrible play call. Everyone and their dog saw that, that’s too easy.
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That sideline endzone camera honestly looked like it showed a safety to me on the start of that drive. Wasn't sure if the ball ever broke out of the endzone. Anyway, nice to be wondering about that casually rather than as a turning point in the game!
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