Game Thread: Illinois at Purdue

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Forgot it’s a grass field. Will that play into anything with the rain?
Having the benefit of a friend that is a handcapper in Vegas....rule of thumb:

Light Rain. No Advantage
Moderate Rain. Advantage Offense
Heavy Rain/Wind. Advantage Defense

Take that for what it's worth. We'll see how it unfolds.
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Okay, defense on the field first. We’ll find out right away what the defense is gonna look like...
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Relieved we were able to stop them that first go around, gonna need to keep the effort up, they had chances to really beat us in some spots
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Well, so-so offensive series.
If we’re hoping to blow this game open with big plays in the pass game, the weather advantage we thought we had disappears pretty quickly.

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Run the ball... win. We are by far the superior rushing team.

So what do we do… We come out and throw twice out of three plays on the first series.

Bodes poorly, Bc it's clear Purdue got the memo on running the ball.
I hope we adjust soon.
Need to flip the field here. The average starting field position, so far, has been less than optimal.
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I hope Rod is probing for weaknesses and our offense gets going soon.
That 3rd down call with Dre should be the 1st and 2nd down call until they stop it. Why are we throwing bubble screens and going deep on second down Rod? 😑
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Desperately need a multi first down drive. Give the D a blow and gain a little confidence.
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