Game Thread: Illinois at Rutgers

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Bennett Williams, Lere Oladipo and Jamal Woods will not play today. All three did not travel with team due to injury.
Good news: Jamal Milan will play
I'll go Illini 30
Rutgers 20
Closer then we would like but a late turnover seals the deal..
The Illini starts learning how to put it away in the 4th today đź‘€
Go Illini !!

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Just run it.

What's that thing on Rutgers' helmet? Looks like paint is peeling. Goofy looking shape for a state.

Nice opening series, Illini. C'mon.
i just want to be able to look forward to illinois football the same way i'm able to look forward to Bears football. Idk, at least there wasn't a pick-6 on the first possession.
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AJ looks eerily like he did in the first game...nervous, shaky, and unprepared appearing
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